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      1. Huawei unveils its support for ECAI 2020
        The global company emerges as a new main sponsor
        ECAI2020 registration is open
        Authors must register before June 30
        Banco Santander commits to ECAI2020
        The 5th largest bank in Europe joins the Conference as one of its main partners
        Microsoft keeps on its bet for AI by supporting ECAI2020
        The company becomes main partner of the conference
        ECAI2020 presents its Keynote speakers
        Meet them next September in Santiago de Compostela
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        ECAI2020: August 29-September 2

        NEW DATES

        In the light of the COVID19 situation and having the health and safety of all the community as top priority, ECAI2020 has been rescheduled for August 29-September 2.

        ECAI 2020, the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, is Europe’s premier AI Research venue. Under the motto “Paving the way towards Human-Centric AI” ECAI provides an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss about the best AI research, developments, applications and results. ECAI2020 will feature, as usual, a full programme of technical papers, as well as many AI-related events of interest for researchers, students and all attendants who are interested on contemporary AI, including:

        ECAI2020 will have a special focus on Starting Researchers, who will be able to participate in several specific events included in the “Mentoring and Communication for Starting Researchers” program. These include:

        See the schedule at a glance!

        The Conference is supported by the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI), the Spanish AI Society (AEPIA) and organized by the Intelligent Systems Group (GSI) and the Research Center on Intelligent Technologies of the University of Santiago de Compostela (CiTIUS).

        ECAI2020 venue will be the Galicia’s Auditorium, an excellent location to visit the old town of the city of Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage City which is the final destination of a thousand-year-old routes coming from all across Europe.

        In 2020, every wAI leads to Santiago…

        Latest tweets

        The list of accepted tutorials is now available at our website!
        ?? https://t.co/j2ToIN1PCS

        ?? We received 43 submissions, of which 29 were accepted: 21 standard and 8 spotlight tutorials. https://t.co/XGwkJT3yFC
        ECAI2020 photo

        Thanks so much, @Huawei! We're excited to announce that the global company has supported #ECAI2020 as main partner. Their participation in Europe’s premier #AI research venue will be of great value for our community.

        ?? https://t.co/2CBQtmejFl https://t.co/XdOyoJ12Qx
        ECAI2020 photo

        ?? Some important dates have been updated:

        - Doctoral Consortium applications deadline: June 20
        - Authors & early registration: June 30

        ?? All details at: https://t.co/yZeFTg8ryr https://t.co/hdv7PhxyGj
        ECAI2020 photo

        We've some more good news! Informática El Corte Inglés ( @iecisa) has joined #ECAI2020 as Golden Sponsor, showing their commitment with talent and innovation. Thank you for your support! https://t.co/bBbc6oRqJT ECAI2020 photo

        We’re excited to welcome @altianews as silver sponsor! Their 25 years of experience developing innovative technological solutions will be highly valuable for our community. https://t.co/eA00WRAteq ECAI2020 photo
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